online visitors counter scripts set


This set is intended to count and display the number of unique visitors currently viewing your site by checking the referer IP addresses. It contains 3 ready-to-use online visitor counters using 3 different methods of displaying data:

  1. php include() directive;
  2. html iframe widget;
  3. javascript widget.

While php include() directive can be used only within php scripts, two other methods can be called from html files as well.


  1. Upload all the three files from the appropriate subfolder to the root folder on your server. You can also change the average time in seconds to consider someone online before removing from the online visitors list by modifying $expire value in seconds in visitors.php (by default is set to 100).
  2. CHMOD visitors.db file to 666 to make it writable.
  3. Open demo in your browser: (or demo.html)
  4. If everything works, open the local demo file, find out the code to display the widget between
    <!-- widget start -->
    <!-- widget end -->
    comments and copy it to ALL your files you want to display the widget.
  5. Remove demo from your server.

Online DEMO


Download the entire set (6kb).

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