protected form scripts set


This scripts set is intended to protect online contact forms from spam bots. It requires from a person who writes you to specify the security code generated during the session, and automatically rejects all direct accesses to a form.

The set contains 2 ready-to-use email form scripts:

  1. Plain text version;
  2. Attachment version.

Both versions provide the same security level, while the second one allows to attach a file restricted to specified file size.


  1. Open the appropriate form.php file in any text editor and specify your email address to receive emails sent via this form script. You can also change the maximal allowed message text length, attached files number and attached files size limit (the last two in attachment version only) by modifying the appropriate values.
  2. Upload both files from the appropriate subfolder to the root folder on your server.
  3. Open form.php in your browser:

Online DEMO

There is no online DEMO available for testing purposes, however, you can see the working form with attachment feature at support page.


Download the entire set (8kb).

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