clicks counter scripts set


This scripts set is intended to count clicks for any local paths via referring to counter script that will redirect your visitors to a target location after updating the count for current location. You can use it in different ways, e.g. for counting file downloads on your site.

The set contains 3 files:

  1. count.db - empty data file
  2. count.php - clicks counter script that writes data to count.db
  3. stats.php - clicks stats displaying script


  1. Upload all the three files to the root folder on your server.
  2. CHMOD count.db file to 666 to make it writable.
  3. Replace your local links you want to implement the counter using the following pattern:
    <a href='/count.php?target=local/file.ext'>link text</a>
    where 'local/file.ext' is the target path starting from the root.
  4. To check the stats, open stats.php in your browser:

Online DEMO


Download the entire set (4kb).

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